Highly Advanced Lost Civilization Found In Turkey?

We recently covered the astonishing archaeological discoveries located within the modern day Turkey. We discussed the unexplained ancient ruins of Gobleki Tepe, clearly, a remnant of a far more ancient, far more advanced civilization, than academia would ever allow contemplation of. Additionally, and the focus of the last video the other ancient gem knew a Norsun Tepe, a highly complex, thus highly advanced ancient temple, whose contents indicated no less than 40 additional re-inhabitations of the structure, after the original construction.

Now conveniently hidden under several meters of water, submerged during a dam building operation. Why this operation was undertaken, or indeed why this site, in particular, was chosen for flooding, may become apparent with our next place of interest… It seems that some of the sites within Turkey have revealed some extremely well preserved, extremely ancient artifacts, left by numerous as yet, unknown civilizations, and although these finds have seemingly been concealed from mankind, fate is seemingly on our side… Ironically, a site of complete opposite characteristics, having not been touched or re-inhabited for untold millennia, has also been unearthed within Turkey. Alaca Höyük, a site on the surface, perceived to have been a primitive archaeological ruin, dating back to 2350-2150 BC over 4000 years ago, and yet, upon deeper exploration, an analysis was seemingly undertaken too late for academia’s dating… for it has shown that the site possesses evidence of the same lost technology, or more specifically, advanced knowledge of stone construction, found at many other ancient, unexplained sites around the earth. Like Sacsayhuaman, a site we covered previously also, it must be clear to everyone that academia’s dating of these sites is not accidental, was the dating too hastily concluded? We would assume that a rating of over 4000 years is now difficult to accompany with such advanced knowledge of stone carving and construction…

Just how old is Alaca Höyük? And the same question as always, based on the unexplainable knowledge involved in its creation, who could have built it?

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