Ancient Stone Forts “Turned To Glass” Found In Scotland?

Scotland is a country which holds many mysterious tales of ancient beings who were said to once dwell within the astonishingly beautiful highlands. From fairies to ancient sea monsters many a legend is to be found here including the odd piece of compelling evidence to back up such claims…

However, our next Scottish mystery of focus is abundant with evidence, in fact, the evidence left surrounding this mysterious ancient technology is actually the mystery itself, over 200 years ago archaeologists exploring the ancient ruins found to dot the rural countryside, began to notice a remarkable characteristic of about 60 mysterious structures found dotting the Scottish highlands. Made using rocks with no mortar, instead the rocks on the outer layer of these structures upon completion, went through an as yet, unknown process of vitrification, the builders of these extremely ancient forts, were somehow able to heat the stones to such a degree that the outer layer actually turned to glass, fixing the stones in place and making them virtually impenetrable to erosion, meaning that the true age of these miraculous structures may be far, far older than we are lead to believe. Although for the first 250 years of study these forts were presumed to have been exclusive to Scotland, thanks to the results of the research, they have actually begun to turn up in other regions of the world most specifically western Europe. With such overwhelming evidence, in the face of adversity, academia it would seem have reluctantly been resigned to agreeing with the extremely controversial facts displayed within these ancient stone forts, quote.

“No lime or cement has been found in any of these structures, all of them presenting the peculiarity of being more or less consolidated by the fusion of the rocks of which they are built. This fusion, which has been caused by the application of intense heat, is not equally complete in the various forts, or even in the walls of the same fort. In some cases the stones are only partially melted and calcined; in others their adjoining edges are fused so that they are firmly cemented together; in many instances pieces of rock are enveloped in a glassy enamel-like coating which binds them into a uniform whole; and at times, though rarely, the entire length of the wall presents one solid mass of vitreous substance. It is not clear why or how the walls were subjected to vitrification.” End quote. Although the explanation put forward after examining these facts, could be seen as a desperate attempt to continue to deny the existence of a highly aware, highly capable, intercontinental ancient civilization, which once flourished here on our planet.

Who built these forts? What clearly advanced, yet ancient heat technology did they use to turn the outer casing stones to glass? With the pace of such discoveries being revealed to the world increasing, it is only a matter of time before we find out.

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