Ancient Lost knowledge – Teleportation ( USHA and Aniruddha ) -A Story From Mythology

” Myths Can’t be Translated as They did in their Ancient Soil, We Can only find our Own Meaning in Our Own Time ” — Margaret Atwood

Once upon an Ancient India,, there was a King, Vana. He was the king of Daityas, a class of demons. Because of his earnest Prayers and Tapasya, he had won a boon from Lord Shiva that he would remain invincible to all, both on heaven and earth. Also, Lord Shiva promised to protect Vana himself. Totally secure and sure of his safety, Vana gradually grew wild and started misusing his powers to trouble others. Everyone knew about the boon Lord Shiva had granted him.Once upon an Ancient India, Some were wary of him and tried to avoid him since it was impossible to conquer him. The others accepted his supremacy.
So Vana was left with no one to fight with. He soon began to feel that life was flat and dull since there was no one left to conquer. Vana had a beautiful daughter named Usha. Her great friend and a constant companion were Chitralekha, the daughter of her father’s minister. Chitralekha was a very talented artist and could draw anyone’s portrait most accurately. As Usha grew up she began to wonder, who her husband would be. She did not like any of the Demon princes or her father’s young friends.
Then one night something strange happened, something that changed Usha’s life forever. She dreamed of a wonderfully handsome prince, who sat beside her and smiled at her, looking deep into her eyes. Usha fell in love with him instantly and woke up to find that it was only a dream.
But something deep within her told her that this dream meant something significant and that such a prince must exist somewhere. Usha was no longer her old self. Her love for the dream prince was so real and so all-pervasive that she could think of nothing and no one else. She confided the dream to her close friend Chitralekha. Chitralekha said she would find who the young man was and get him to her. But how was she to recognize him?, Chitralekha began to draw a series of faces and asked Usha if any of them resembled the man of her dream.
Usha came upon a drawing, which was of Aniruddha, a grandson of Lord Krishna. That night, Chitralekha transported herself to Dwaraka where she found Aniruddha.
At last, Two aspects of today’s world are implicit in this story. First, there is the idea that one can identify an unknown person through sketches, a matter that is routinely done in criminal investigations. Or, there is the notion of teleportation.

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