7 Metre “Giant Skeleton” On Display In Switzerland?

We have often covered the perplexing finds of giant skeletons, which have been repeatedly reported all over the world. We delved into the rumours and evidence of a considerable conspiracy surrounding the Smithsonian Institute, and their cover-up of these remains.

However, thankfully, it seems modern technology has made this job virtually impossible, and the evidence which has surfaced over the last few decades has finally been getting the publicity it deserves. For example, curious remains guarded by a humble priest from a small village within Ecuador, have finally been allowed to see the light of day… And the true extent of this astounding coverup is beginning to be revealed… Father Carlos Vaca has protected remains of ancient beings for many decades, and upon examination, it was found that they once belonged to people of over 7 metres in height! Apparently, the remains had been recovered from a site called “Changaiminas” in Ecuador, and curiously, Changaiminas translates as “Gods cemetery.” Although reports have surfaced from within Ecuador for over a century, regarding finds of similar scales, this is the first time that such remains have remained within the public domain, the Mystery Park in Interlaken Switzerland, for example, has held since 2004, a reconstruction of a 7-metre specimen of an apparent human being, that would have been just over 7 metres in height, that was found in Loja.

According to Father Carlos Vaca, the remains which he had successfully safeguarded until a time of his own death, were given to him by father Crespi, a figure who collected a vast array of perplexing, highly controversial, and incredible artefacts, including remnants of a puzzling metal library we have previously covered. Unfortunately, upon the event of Father Crespis death, his collection was ransacked, replaced with clear forgeries and cheap fakes, however it seems, Father Carlos Vaca may have kept some of these artefacts safe until his own death in 1999, upon which, they luckily sank into the archives of the Ecuadorian museum… Are these remains really that of giant human beings? Just who could they have belonged too? Has there really been a concerted effort to conceal these enormous remains from the world, for over a century?

If so, the question is, where are all these remains now? His collection also contained strange utensils, minerals, and compounds of “magical properties,” which according to many authors, could explain numerous archaeological mysteries that have not yet been deciphered. Some of the bone fragments were supposedly sent to the Smithsonian Institute for further analysis, the results of which, were surprisingly broadcast on a television program in Ecuador, led by renowned director Alfonso Espinosa De Los Monteros.

Could the legends be true, and the aptly named, “city of giants” be named after the real thing? It seems thankful, as time goes on, the truth is slowly being revealed… Thanks for watching guys, and until next time, take care.

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