The Triple Space Cities of Ancient World that revolved around Earth

Tripura meaning three cities, was constructed by the great Demon architect, Mayasura. They were great cities of prosperity, power and dominance over the world, but due to their impious nature, Tripura were destroyed by god Shiva. The three cities were made with walls of iron, silver and gold and were located on earth, in the sky and in heaven, respectively. The three cities. The three cities were mobile and moved in such a way that they would never be in a single line, save for a few moments in around a thousand years, when
the nakshatra Pushya or γ, δ and θ Cancri constellation would be in conjunction with the moon. They were thus reassured that they were quite safe, as it would be an extremely difficult task to destroy the three cities, which aligned only momentarily, by a single arrow. The demons from everywhere began to flock to Tripura to live. The cities were extremely luxurious and prosperous. After several years of joy, the inherent evil tendencies of the Demons surfaced once again and they began to oppress the good and torment the noble. In the meantime, Mayasura, the great Demon architect, was engaged in the worship of Shiva. The rest of the demons attacked sages and the GODS and shattered the peace of the worlds. Finally, when Indra, The king of God, and the rest of the GODS despondently approached Lord Brahma for respite, Lord Brahma redirected them to Shiva and also informed them of the vulnerability of Tripura to a single arrow. Lord Shiva promised to help them and the GODS returned to combat the Asuras in a mighty war. As the war raged on, GODS continued to struggle to match the Asuras, who used their magical powers to great effect in the war. One day the three cities aligned. Shiva ordered that a chariot be made from which he would battle the three demons. The war-chariot designed for Shiva was different. The Earth became the chariot with the Sun and Moon its wheels. Lord Brahma was holding the reins. Mount Meru became the bow and the serpent Sheshnaag was the bow string. Lord Vishnu was the arrow, and Agni or Fire was the tip of the arrow. Vayu or Air was inside the feathers on rear of the arrow. All other GODS had their own places and forms in the chariot. Just as the cities aligned, when the Pushya nakshatra or γ, δ and θ Cancri constellation positioned appropriately, Lord Shiva was strung the mighty bow and make the destruction of Tripura.

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