न्यूजीलैंड में 330,000 वर्षीय पुरुष-मेड वॉल मिला? | 330,000 Year Old Man-Made Wall Found In New Zealand?

Upon the shores of Lake Taupo within New Zealand, is an intriguing, as yet, unexplained artifact, that has become known as the “Kaimanawa wall.”

What is interesting regarding the Kaimanawa wall, is the fact that it clearly predates academia’s rigidly attested view of the past inhabitations of the country. New Zealand is largely accepted to have first been inhabited within the last 800 years, however, the analysis that has been done on this mysterious wall has shown that is at very minimum, 2000 years old, additionally, it clearly displays the tell-tale construction qualities of the lost knowledge, evident within countless other ruins found all over the world. The controversial wall first came to public attention during the early 1990s, with a publication by Barry Brailsford’s in the New Zealand Listener, called “Megalith Mystery are giant stones in the Kaimanawa Forest Park, evidence of an ancient New Zealand culture?.” Within, he details how analysis has shown that the stone wall is at least 2 millennia old, and was created by previous, unknown settlers within New Zealand. He called them the “Waitaha,” and postulated that they were subsequently exterminated by the Maoris, who arrived only 800 years ago. Furthermore, Brailsford maintains that the wall could link New Zealand with Egypt, South America, and many other ancient civilizations. Continuing to list twelve pieces of evidence to support his claims.

Predictably, however, individuals within many different fields of academia, have leaped to the defense of currently upheld paradigms… – The Department of Conservation, archaeologists, geologists, and just about every political party in New Zealand, including a number of media outlets, directed tremendous hostility towards the claims, leading to the site being completely shut off to the public. You have to wonder, what are they so scared of people finding? Regardless of Brailsfords evidence, a conclusion that the wall is nothing but a mere natural formation, has been publicly peddled ever since the publication nearly 30 years ago. A conclusion in staunch denial of reality, or evidence. The conclusion made by “official Geologists” was that the wall is an outcrop of a large ignimbrite, a natural formation created about 330,000 years ago. They claim that the block shapes were produced by fractures in the rock. Attributed to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural events. It seems scholars are quite happy to date such sites but extremely reluctant to attribute any intelligent design within their creation… Could the Kaimanawa wall really be a 330,000-year-old man made a wall? A wall built by the same people as many other sites found across the world? We find such possibilities, highly compelling.

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