“1960’s UFO Crash” Found In Museum Archives?

On December 9, 1957, an incredible event occurred within the UK. Now known as the “Silpho Saucer incident,” it has become known within ufo enthusiast circles as the Uk’s Roswell.

It was a story that was first released within the Yorkshire Post, it told of a “mystery disc” that was found on the Yorkshire moors… Scarborough businessman Frank Dickenson, along with two friends, were driving through a place known as Reasty Hill, near the village of Silpho, when their car mysteriously stalled as ‘a glowing object appeared in the sky above them, subsequently landing in Borax Forest. Mr. Dickenson and his friends bravely pursued the downed craft, and found a mysterious metallic saucer in a patch of freshly cindered bracken… Amazingly, when the artifact was cut open, apparently, a tiny book was found made within, made of “17 thin copper sheets” covered in 2000, unknown hieroglyphs.” Interestingly, similar Hieroglyphics were also supposedly found among the wreckage of the UFO that allegedly crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in June 1947.

The remains of the ‘Silpho Moor Object’ were subsequently sent to a London laboratory for examination in 1963, including a perplexing “fused section” of the metal and plastic which was apparently from the outer casing. Gordon Claringbull, a funded academic from the Natural History Museum, who specialized in meteorites and explosives, said in a memo to the Science Museum that he was prepared to “wager anything,” that the pieces of metal were made on Earth. However, although the scientific community was predictable, skeptical, Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, who led the RAF during the Battle of Britain during World war 2, examined the Silpho Saucer in 1958, he actually believed it was genuine. Describing it as a quote, ”miniature computer piloted flying saucer,” Lord Dowding was openly convinced it was a genuine artifact from space, according to the report in the Yorkshire Post. The results of the analysis found that the artifacts contained an unusually pure set of metals, cast in highly specific ways, fuelling the ufo communities interest in the objects fragments. Some years later the artifacts unfortunately vanished, however, they have surprisingly, seemingly turned up within museum archives in London.

Will more modern scientific analysis shed more light on this enigmatic object’s origins? We will keep you posted on any future developments. Thanks for watching guys, and until next time, take care

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